Scout Top

It seems to be a theme with me, I keep making the same pattern over and over again. The good thing is that you get quicker at making the pattern. This was no exception, I made this in an afternoon and evening which is pretty fast for me. I am still having a few problems… Continue reading Scout Top


Another Belladone

Yes, I love this pattern! it is starting to get really warm up in Japan and I need more summer clothes. ¬†After living in the UK all my life, I have a lot of winter clothes, but very few summer clothes. I brought this Japanese fabric in the fabric district in Tokyo. It’s an odd… Continue reading Another Belladone


The True Cost Of Our Clothes

I have just finished watching a documentary program called the True Cost on Netflix. It is about the clothing industry and how big companies exploit their workers. Like many of the documentary I have watched on Netflix, they make me re-think how I am as a consumer. I watched a program last year on being… Continue reading The True Cost Of Our Clothes


What I have been doing.

After claiming I would do my best to update my blog I still managed to fail in the last few weeks. My husband came back from a long deployment (he is in the US Navy) and then my brother and girlfriend arrived from the UK. They stayed with us for a few days and then… Continue reading What I have been doing.

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Bag for the husband

My husband is my most demanding customer! Since I made him a shirt he has been asking for more and I will be posting a shirt that I have been making. I have mentioned before that I moved to Japan in August because of my husbands job, but since we moved here, he has actually… Continue reading Bag for the husband

Deer and Doe · Dresses


So……first or all an apology for my lack of posts. I moved to Japan in August because of my husbands job and it has taken me ages to settle and find a job etc. I have actually sewn a few things since Christmas, but forgot to blog about them.  Japan is great for fabric and… Continue reading Belladone


Knitting a mans scarf

I am very new to knitting and wanted to make a scarf for my husband to match a blue hat that he has. It was a fairly simple pattern and really relaxing to knit. I cast on 20 stitches using 10mm needles. The first two rows you just knit and then 3rd and 4th you… Continue reading Knitting a mans scarf


Another Scout Tee

So, I really like this pattern. It is simple to sew and very practical. I think there will be more Scout tee in the future. The only thing is that I always have to take it in, so I am going to have to re-adjust the pattern. I have a bit of a problem with… Continue reading Another Scout Tee

Sewing plans

Sewing Plans

I have finally started sorting out my new sewing room and made some bunting to make the room look much nicer. I brought one of those IKEA trolleys that a lot of people have been talking about on the sewing blogs, it is great for storing my sewing material. I have stored my patterns and… Continue reading Sewing Plans


Scout Tee

Hello, I have not blogged in such a long time. I have moved to Japan due to my husband’s job and it took a while for my sewing machine to get here. It has been good to finally get back into sewing and I have quite a few plans in the pipeline, which I will… Continue reading Scout Tee